Prof. Dr. Hans Haug (late)

For his merits in fighting torture


Dr. h.c. René Haller

For his pioneering development aid for Africa following the principles of environmental sustainability


Prof. Dr. Alfred Berchtold

In recognition of his commitment to Swiss culture in all its forms of expression


Mrs. Dr. Reni Mertens und
Herr Walter Marti (late)

In recognition of their pioneering documentary films, their selfless promotion of Swiss film art, their loyalty to the ideal of humanity and their active love of their fellow human beings


Prof. Dr. Hans Christoph Binswanger

In recognition of his pioneering role in including Nature in his monetary theory models


Mrs. Dr. h.c. Margherita Zoebeli (late)

In recognition of her selfless commitment in post-war aid and for the promotion of modern methods of education


Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schmid (late)

In appreciation of his intelligent and understanding creation of the elements of "Rumantsch Grischun", the common literary language of the Grisson Romance people


Jean-Claude Gabus (late)

In recognition of his pioneering invention for easing the everyday life of handicapped people


Prof. Dr. Hans R. Thierstein

In recognition of his original micro-palaentological contribution to natural history, his commitment for interdisciplinary environmental research, and his commitment for scientifically supported and ethically responsible climate policies


Toni Rüttimann

In recognition of his bridge constructions linking people as "Toni El Suizo"


Jürg Wyttenbach

for his amusing, well considered and lasting contribution to the joys of life as inspiring composer, teacher and sponsor, as well as talented pianist and conductor.


Mrs. Christine Appenzeller

In recognition of her great personal commitment to a humane life for the people of the Andes in Cusco/Peru by the development of inter-cultural, bilingual and comprehensive school projects.


Prof. Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren

for his pioneering contribution to safeguarding and improving the living conditions of the rural population in Africa through the development of environmentally friendly agricultural production systems.


Dr. Dr. h.c. Cornelio Sommaruga

in appreciation of his commitment to the worldwide observance of international humanitarian law, to the protection of victims of armed conflicts and to the promotion of an education which teaches respect for human dignity.


The Benedictine Sisters of the Convent of St. John in Mustair

in recognition of their selfless, unassuming but invaluable contribution to the restoration and availability of the national heritage treasures of the Abbey and Convent of St. John of Mustair.

2005: Professor Dr. Walter Kälin

in recognition of his unceasing work to uphold the principles and practices of human rights, for his efforts on the part of the oppressed of this world, and for his inimitable incorruptible contributions in the political arena to world peace.


Piergiorgio and Simonetta Tami

in recognition of their selfless efforts in support of women and children at risk. Their creative entrepreneurial projects have restored dignity to and secured hope for these victims of poverty and abuse. They are living examples of caring humanity.


Mrs. Judith Keller

in recognition of decades of dedicated hard work on the behalf of handicapped and ostracised children. In awarding Judith Keller this prize the foundation honours the way in which, in the face of social prejudice, the children have been rehabilitated, as well as the way they have been re-introduced into the fold of society, educated and cared for.


Prof. Dr. Carl August Zehnder

in recognition of his dedication and hard work in setting up and organising academic information technology systems throughout Switzerland, in awarding Professor Zehnder this prize the foundation honours the way in which he has contributed to the national education programme and policy and the efforts he has made to make information technology accessible to Swiss youth. Professor Zehnder has also played a considerable part in deepening people’s understanding of the uses of information technology in both society and politics.



The wonderful clown Dimitri has the great gift of bringing people everywhere together with his fine and subtle humour and without the use of words. With this award the foundation recognises his work in establishing The Academy for Physical Theatre which has become one of the treasures of Swiss Culture and also honours his lifelong efforts on the behalf of theatre arts.


Regula Ochsner

Mrs. Regula Ochsner has been awarded the Dr. J.E. Brandenberger Foundation Prize for the year 2010 to the amount of SFr. 200,000 With this award the foundation recognises Mrs Regula Ochsner’s pioneering work in Madagascar. Namely, Regula Ochsner has done much to help preserve the natural environment and to further economic development in Madagascar with her innovative and exemplary project on the use of solar energy as a sustainable renewable energy source for Madagascar future.


Susana Fankhauser – Pérez de Léon

With this award the foundation recognises Mrs. Susana Fankhauser – Pérez de Leon’s decades of indefatigable efforts to promote and further the integration of immigrants into Swiss life and culture. Her unceasing work on integration, based on personal experience, has always been carried out against a background of political, educational and social realism while remaining supremely humane.


Martin Wegelin

In recognition of his great contribution to the improvement of the well-being and living conditions of underprivileged communities all over the world through the development, implementation and distribution of solar water disinfection systems.


François Höpflinger

In recognition of his many years of exceptional academic work on the subject of the effects of demographic change on modes of living and social cohabitation in Switzerland. Moreover, the Brandenberger foundation wishes also to acknowledge Mr Höpflinger’s successful efforts to bring these demographic developments to the public’s notice and make them points worthy of discussion within the public domain, providing both inspiration and practical solutions for all generations of our society on how to deal with the challenges presented by such demographic change.


Walter J. Ammann

In recognition of Mr. Walter J. Ammann’s long standing research into and the practical work done for his world renowned concept of ecological integral risk management. Or more precisely: For the early diagnosis, prevention, limitation and surmounting of the far reaching consequences of ecological mismanagement to both human beings and the environment.

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